Concreting, and solid, slabbed bases

Thinking of having a shed, or wooden outside building erected in the garden ?...

Have you considered a base ?…

A suitable base is one of the most important things to consider, for a long standing, wooden building.

Whether you prefer a slabbed level area, or would prefer the robustness of concrete, we can prepare the area correctly, and install your choice of base, which will subsequently stand the test of time.

Lovely guy, and knowledgeable. I knew the work was far more involved than usual, so was very happy when the costs came through considerably cheaper than anyone else I’d spoken to, and yet the quotation was more detailed. I accepted straight away, and Merv’ managed to fit me in to his busy schedule.

I needed a substantial base for my new shed building, but the area I wanted it was unlevel, sloped, and right up against my fence in the corner of the garden. I had a look around, and a colleague suggested “Merv” at Wilby Landscapes, so I arranged for him to visit to give me a price.

The work was completed a couple of weeks later, and the result was incredible. The large concrete area ( 14ft x 7ft ), was sunk down into the corner of my garden, so the top of the shed ended up level with the top of the back fence. It was made for the job! Definitely get Wilby Landscapes round, before you get anyone else to do any work in your garden!