Irrigation & garden watering solutions

An effectively watered garden can be the difference between your plants, and lawns flourishing, surviving, or even dying.

Even simple hand watering aids, from professional series equipment can provide considerable improvements to your own environment.

Automated watering systems solutions, can further extend both your gardens potential for growth, whilst also reducing the inevitable waste which is lost when hand watering using an everyday hose.

Furthermore, think about all the time you will save, whilst your plants and lawns are watered overnight, allowing you to pursue other interests, or as importantly, being able enjoy your garden, or outside space, without the chore of dragging around those twisted, kinked and endless garden hoses, just to keep your precious plants alive ?!…

We can even incorporate internet connected, wi-fi control panels, so that you can monitor, and adjust your own watering system from anywhere in the world !

Contact us for anymore information you would like, on the use of pop-up lawn sprinklers, drip irrigation, rain water harvesting and recycling, or for help and advice regarding any of your watering needs.

If you are one of the “converted” and are already an owner of a watering system, and would like the equipment maintaining, assessing, and / or upgrading, please do not hesitate to get in touch… we can help!


A while back, a neighbour of mine had a new lawn laid, by a local firm and the results were quite staggering. The fresh turf was “knitted” in a really short time, and lush green appearance, so quickly after the work had been done, was impressive.

How refreshing!… This chap knew his stuff. 

When I next spoke to the guy, I asked if he was happy with the results ?… He enthusiastically described the team who completed the work, and added that their watering specialist had provided professional watering equipment as part of the price, and advised them on watering processes.

Inevitably, I asked for their contact details, and arranged for Wilby Landscapes’ irrigation and watering solutions guy to come and take a look at my own watering system. It wasn’t long before some minor alterations were completed, some tweaks here and there, and a full service on the equipment resulted in my watering system doing exactly what I needed.

I even upgraded my controller to a wi-fi “smart watering” version, so that I can make program changes from my phone, or tablet. I can even keep an eye on the system when I’m away from home, or on holiday!… It’s fabulous!… And the new watering regime has transformed the garden.

I would not hesitate in recommending Wilby Landscapes to provide you with professional advice, and help in any watering requirements you have, whether they’re simple hanging baskets, mobile sprinklers, to fully automated pop-up sprinkler systems.



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