Patios and Decorative hard standing

The humble patio has evolved somewhat over the years, now providing more than a tidy, flat area outside the house, adjacent a lawn, or shed.

With a multitude of choices in slab type, colour, and structure available, even the simplest of hard standing areas can now be transformed into an attractive and versatile space.

These areas, wherever they are introduced, invite a variety of uses from dining, entertaining, and lounging, to children’s play areas and other convenient uses, like storage of furniture, for instance.

Patios, or decorative hardstanding across and around soft landscaping, can be incorporated to provide a transition from communal areas, to secluded seating and secret spaces, enticing further investigation…


Wilby Landscapes have been reliable, fair and dependable. They did a fantastic job laying our new lawn, putting up fencing and renewing our paved patio areas.

Their workmen were professional. meticulous, and always pleasant and polite.

Neighbours have all admired the work they have done. Our lawn is lush and weed free and the fencing compliments the garden.

We would not hesitate to highly recommend this company to anyone who wants a job well done.

Tony and Rosemarie Stirk